Guardrail Products

There are many different types of guardrail systems in use on America’s highway system today due to various governmental standards, roadway or soil conditions, unique circumstances, specific applications, and aesthetic preferences.  L.S. Lee, Inc. supplies and installs guardrail products to meet Federal and State standards and specifications.  We have experienced personnel to help guide customers in choosing the right system to suit their needs with a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing design.  Below are some of the common guardrail products that are frequently installed, but we always have the ability to work with our sister company Elderlee, Inc. for custom fabricated products.

Semi-Rigid Barrier Systems

W-Beam Steel Guardrail

W-Beam Steel Guardrail is the most frequently used type of guardrail on our nation’s roadway system. It is a roll-formed product that is shaped out of steel coil into the shape of a “W,” and typically galvanized to prevent corrosion and increase the product’s lifecycle. W-Beam Guardrail can be installed on steel strong posts or weak posts, using a variety of different post spacing options, depending on the specific situation (typically 6’ 3”spacing.) Some states also specify wood posts for installation.

W-Beam Guardrail can be ordered with the traditional galvanized (gray) coating, Corten (rustic brown) style, or poly-coated in a variety of colors to match your specific aesthetic criteria.

W-Beam Guardrail comes in standard 12’ 6” or 25’ sections.

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Box Beam Steel Guardrail

Box Beam Guardrail is a highway guardrail product that is not as common as W-Beam Guardrail, but certain States have a preference for it,including New York and Wyoming. It is a tubular product that is roll-formed from a steel coil into a 6” x 6” or 6” x 8” tube. Specific posts and brackets are necessary for Box Beam Guardrail installation. It has a higher initial installation cost, but has reduced maintenance costs due to a higher durability.

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Thrie-Beam Steel Guardrail

Thrie-Beam Steel Guardrail is a type of guardrail that is essentially two pieces of W-Beam Guardrail formed into one single shape. It is used in specific circumstances where additional coverage may be necessary.Certain States prefer this product for highway use, and it can frequently be seen at racetracks where lower vehicles could interact with the guardrail posts.

Median Barrier Steel Guardrail

Median Barrier Steel Guardrail is the type of guardrail used within the median section of a roadway. It is essentially standard W-Beam guardrail with a guardrail block-out and panel on the backside to provide coverage on both sides of the guardrail post.

Steel Backed Timber Guardrail

Steel Backed Timber Guardrail is a type of wood guardrail that has steel plates on the backside for increased rigidity. It is typically one of the most expensive styles of guardrail available with special pressure treated wood and large wood guardrail posts. This style guardrail can frequently be seen in our nation’s park system where aesthetic concerns are a high priority and the guardrail is intended to blend in with the natural landscape.

Aesthetic Timber Barriers / Wood Guardrail

Aesthetic Timber Barriers / Wood Guardrail are frequently used on private property or parking lots where aesthetic concerns are considered a high priority. There are numerous wood guardrail options, including a variety of guardrail “panel” measurements and post styles. Wood guardrail is commonly installed on brown (poly-coated of Corten) guardrail posts to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, or can be mounted on wood posts. Please view our gallery and explore our site for some Wood Guardrail examples or consult one of our specialists to attain your desired option.

Powder Coated / Painted Guardrail

Powder Coated / Painted Guardrail is guardrail that is coated using a special poly-coating technique to achieve the desired guardrail color when aesthetic concerns are important. This product can come in a variety of different colors to suit your preference and will typically require a special order upon request. Both W-Beam Guardrail and Box Beam Guardrail are able to bepoly-coated to your desired color.

Weathering Steel (Corten) Guardrail

Weathering Steel (Corten) Guardrail is the brown “rust” colored guardrail often seen in parks or places that require and esthetically pleasing guardrail option. The Federal Highway Administration states that the use of weathering steel guardrail should be limited, due to possible deterioration concerns.

Poly-coated or powder coated guardrail is a better alternative when aesthetic preferences are important to your project. For more information,please see our FAQ’s section or consult one of our installation specialists.

Bridge Rail

Bridge Rail is a specifically engineered type of guardrail used on bridges.States have standard types of Bridge Rail that are commonly used on that State’s bridge system. Many other Bridge Rail installations are designed and engineered specifically for the bridge under construction and use unique aesthetically pleasing design styles and coating options to highlight the bridge’s importance or high profile location

Flexible Barrier Systems

Low Tension Cable Guardrail

Low Tension Cable Guardrail is a type of cable guardrail that was developed as a generic product with no proprietary pieces or parts, unlike High Tension Cable Guardrail Systems. It is commonly used in median applications, but is also used as a roadside barrier in many States.

High Tension Cable Guardrail Systems

High Tension Cable Guardrail Systems are proprietary cable guardrail systems made by a variety of suppliers, each with their own specific pieces and parts. This type of guardrail is typically used in median applications,using a variety of post spacing options and cable options specified by the manufacturer.

Weak Post W-Beam Guardrail

Weak Post W-Beam Guardrail is W-Beam Guardrail that is mounted on a smaller post than the traditional strong post guardrail. This system uses a longer post spacing at 12’ 6” as compared to 6’ 3”

Guardrail End Treatments and Impact Attenuator

L.S. Lee, Inc. supplies and installs guardrail end treatments and impact attenuators approved by NCHRP-350 and MASH 08 test level criteria.

Guardrail End Treatments

Tangent, Flared, and Median Applications

Impact Attenuators

Bull Nose End Treatment

Guardrail Bridge Attachments

Trail End Guardrail Sections

Terminal End Sections (Boxing Glove)

Roll-over End Section

Work Zone Barriers

Temporary Impact Attenuators

Water and Sand Filled Barriers

Movable Steel Barriers and Gates

Fencing and Railing

Guardrail Accessories

Guardrail Posts

Guardrail Block-outs

Reflective Delineators and Striping

All Hardware Necessary for Guardrail Installation

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